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eat smarter, not harder

Alina is a certified health coach and will help you customize your meals according to your goals. 

Hi, I’m Alina, a certified health coach with a passion for a healthy lifestyle and real foods. You’ll often find me in the kitchen, my playground where I cook, bake, test and taste various foods and recipes. When I’m not cooking, I read, study and research about nutrition, health and wellness or I’m outdoors running, biking, just moving my body.

I have always been an avid cook, but I became more interested in the nutritional value of food when an unfortunate accident forced me to undergo knee surgery and a painstaking rehabilitation process. During the recovery I had very little mobility, which made it easy to put on weight. So, I began studying about nutrients and how the body processes different foods in order to design meal plans for myself that would nourish and fuel my body without gaining extra pounds. That is how I developed an appetite for studying about health and nutrition and sharing my experience and knowledge with others.


Meet Alina 

I do not believe in diets and food restrictions as I learned the hard way that there are no magic tricks. Change does not happen overnight but with the right guidance and information everybody can improve their physical and emotional health.

So, if you have a troubled relationship with food, or maybe just some uncertainties, or if you feel that you want to make a change in your eating habits, or in your lifestyle and don’t know where to begin you can reach out to me anytime. I can offer you an on-going support, valuable information, goal-setting, motivation and much more, no judging and no pressure.

Coaching Services

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